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Cultural anthropology is the subject I teach in the second class. All over the year I speak about different cultures in the world.

I begin to explain the difference between material and not material culture. I say there are two different approaches to the study of society. One kind of research is based on the observer who lives in the group that he studies; the other kind has the observer who looks at the group from outside.

In this context I try to explain the difference between culture and identity.


Culture and identity are absolutely central to all sociology and it is important to define the concepts of culture and identity. Culture is part and parcel of all that we do, all that we are, all that we can and might become.

Culture is the way of life of a group of people, social life happens to be structured in a particular way. Identity means knowing who you are. Culture and identity are frequently linked but they should not be seen exactly as the same concept.

Sociology has been concerned with the relationship between individual and society. The role of culture in social life and law identity develops in social context.